Don’t Book Your Wedding Venue Until…

Booking Your Wedding Venue

It’s the day after you just got engaged.  A bunch of congratulations and hugs are coming your way and now you’re laser focused on getting this wedding planned!  But, don’t jump the gun too early and remember to follow some basic steps to ensure you have a smooth, happy, wedding day.

1. Understanding Logistics:

Everything from how many guest you will need the venue to fit, the season and time of day you want to have your wedding and any special accommodations your guests might need.

At least have a rough head count of guests before going to check out venues.  One of the first questions a venue will ask you is how many people do you plan on having attend?  You don’t have to have an exact head count but a good estimate will then help you be able to eliminate potential venues right from the start so you don’t waste time visiting them.

Have an idea of the season in which you’d like to get married.  Having this knowledge you can then ask the venue to see photos of what that seasons set up looks like.  They’ll always show a beautiful spring afternoon in their brochures but what is there winter set up like? Also, do they even offer winter weddings?  What’s their backup plan for inclement weather like rain? What’s the lighting look like?

Even though the wedding day is for you, you have to think of accommodations for you guests and how well they will fare.  Think of the lighting, mobility, security, and comfort for them as well.

2. Visit the Venue Similar to When Your Wedding Will Be Held

If you know you’re getting married on a Friday then make sure you visit the venue on a Friday…but not just whenever on Friday.  Visit the venue at the same time frame you’ll be getting married.  Don’t visit the venue at 12pm when you’re wedding is scheduled for 6pm.  You want to view the venue in the same state it will be in for your wedding day so you can find any pro’s or con’s about it and address them early.

Try to bring your wedding planner if possible.  Professionals can offer extra insight or be better suited to notice problems ahead of time.

3. Full-Service or Not Full-Service?

You’ll want to find out if the venue you’re interested in is full-service or not.  Full-service is the venue has practically everything for you already from tables, chairs, decor, linens, and catering supplies.  Non full-service venues mainly just offer the space and it’s up to you to fill in the rest.

4. Find a Wedding Style Early

Figure out what you want your wedding style to be early.  Most couples think they can wait and figure that out later but to their displeasure find out later that it’s hard to get their venue to match their style.  Knowing your style and feel ahead of time will allow to pin point venues that can closely match your idea.  Not every venue is suited for whatever style you want to have, so knowing this ahead of time again you can cross those venues off the list before spending time visiting them.

5. Ask Away

Ask all the questions in the world and ask them to everyone.  You may end up getting conflicting answers from multiple people and it is best to figure those problems out before hand.

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