Military Appreciation

Military Appreciation


Today, we have the pleasure of telling a fun story that has to do with a photo booth rental we provided this past weekend on 1/13/2018.  The night started out like any other night for a rental, arriving to set up the photo booth for a rental start time of 7:00pm.  Walking through the lobby of the BWI Hilton to our private room where the party is taking place and we see a group of military (US Army) soldiers sitting there enjoying some food and drinks.  Nonetheless, set up for the rental continues and party starts on time without a hitch.

Fast forward roughly an hour, and, hey look at that the soldiers are now hanging out at our party!!  One of the party hosts had noticed them sitting in the lobby and invited them into the party to enjoy the festivities.  The soldiers had just flown into BWI from a recent deployment and were on their way home the next morning.  From here, the host showed them where the buffet of food was and the open bar.  After entering the party the soldiers were bombarded with guests coming over to shake their hands and say thank you.  Many guests even took photos with the soldiers.

Photo Booth

To add to the fun the soldiers were told to hop on in the photo booth and take some funny photos!  They gladly agreed to do so…let’s face it…it’s hard to say no to a photo booth.


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All in all, the party went on seamlessly and it’s great to see the appreciation shown to our military members for their service to our country!


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