Optimum x F.L.A.G.

F.L.A.G – Foreign Links Around the Globe

This past week we had the pleasure of working with F.L.A.G. for the 2nd year in a row.  Great people to work with and wow, are their events fun!  We are proud to work with an organization like F.L.A.G.  For those of you who don’t know who/what F.L.A.G. is we’ll start by explaining their acronym: F.L.A.G. = Foreign Links Around the Globe.  They are a non-profit student exchange organization hosting more than 500 students from over 51 countries!

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F.L.A.G offers 8 different student exchange programs ranging from students visiting the United States on a short-term stay to students staying in the United States for longer than 1 year and even outbound students from the United States looking to experience life elsewhere.

On the night of the photo booth rental, we get to be present for the kid’s presentations.  The kids are grouped with other kids from their respective countries and each country at a time gets to showcase their country to the rest of the audience.  These presentations are far from boring and usually involve funny skits, dances, and languages being taught.  After the presentations are done it’s party time and photos with your friends.  You’ll see kids from different countries who have befriended each other get into the photo booth and take photos together.  Kids who would have never met each other are now taking funny photos together and taking a tangible memory home with their prints!

What a blast and great group to work with, always enjoyable!

If you or anyone is ever interested in hosting an exchange student or even looking to study abroad check out, https://www.flag-intl.org/ .

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