Our Photo Booth

The Optimum Photo Booth Experience

You can decide between an “Enclosed” or “Open Air” booth to take a color photo, black and white photo, or a 5 second video clip on the 18″ touchscreen LED monitor.  The guests take multiple photos after entering the booth which will print within seconds after the last photo.  The photos are printed on either two 2×6 strips or one 4×6 print.

You can add a bit of extra fun and flare with the integrated iPod speakers located in the photo booth.  Play your favorite playlist from any iPhone, iPod or iPad.  You will also notice the 4 LED color changing light strip which can be changed in a variety of ways.

Open Air Booth

High Quality Cameras For Photos and Videos

With Optimum Photo Booth you are not restricted to only taking photos.  Our software has the ability to take video clips as well as photos to give you the fullest experience possible.

Your photo booth will have high quality industry leading equipment including the Canon DSLR camera and the high speed dye sublimation printer.

Plenty of Room For Your Group Photos

The “Enclosed” style booth is 5.5′ wide by 7.5′ tall and can hold large groups to take photos.  It’s designed to give the feel of an intimate enclosed structure with the ability to have large groups taking photos.

The “Open Air” style booth has the ability to adjust sizes on the backdrop and the photo tower distance depending on space requirements.  It has the ability to take large group shots as well.