Reducing Your Wedding Costs

Reducing Your Wedding Costs



Tips on how to help lower your wedding costs from vendors, to guests lists, to invitations.  Some helpful hacks below…




1.  Keep Your Guest List Small

As much as you want to invite everyone, it’s in your best interest not to.  With each additional guest comes more costs for your wedding.  Take a gander at your list and immediately eliminate 20%.  Once you’ve done that, eliminate another 15%.  By now it should be a more feasible list.  If you’re happy with it then stick with it, if you think it’s still too big then keep eliminating.

3. Go Minimal with the Flowers and Design

Instead of spending a lot on flowers that will only die just days after your wedding, keep it simple and elegant.  Have a very minimalistic approach to your design.  Have your bridesmaids hold smaller flowers or even a single rose.  Make your centerpieces simple but cute and you can even make the centerpieces yourself.  There are plenty of great D.I.Y centerpieces out there to find that match your theme.

4. Make Your Own Invitations

Make your wedding invitations from home and save on the cost of having a printing company make them.  With a decent home printer and some time you can make simple and elegant invitations with “invitation kits” from stores nearby.  Nothing fancy but a nice, classic font with no pictures and you’re good to go.

5. Display “Vendor Cards” in Exchange for Reduced Rates

If you’re hiring vendors for your reception like a dj, photo booth, or florist, offer to advertise their business in exchange for a reduced rate.  You can place small cards at each table or place setting advertising the vendors and their contact information for guests to take with them.  You’d be surprised how many vendors are willing to give a slight discount for advertising.

6. Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning everything in advance will help keep you on track and make sure you’re getting everything you need.  Start planning early so you have a clear understanding of what you need and that way you can start shopping and finding deals ahead of time.

7. Discount Shopping

When you’re planning on a budget it’s best to shop around and even consider buying used.  Most places like Michaels, and Hobby Lobby have discounts and promotions all year long.  Consider following them to find when the items your looking for go on sale so you can hop on it.  Buying used is another great way to keep your costs down, with buying centerpieces and items off of Craigslist and Facebook Groups.  A lot of brides post their used wedding items on these places shortly after their weddings and most items are still in perfect shape!

8. Ask for Wedding Help Instead of Gifts

Ask your family and guests for wedding help instead of gifts.  A lot of family members and guests either provide a service or know of someone that you can use.  Ask your cousin who’s an amateur photographer to photograph the wedding in lieu of a gift.  Ask your friend who dj’s part time to provide the musical equipment for the night.  Ask your family friend who plays in a band to provide the music for the reception in lieu of a gift.  Asking family and friends to offer help or services that align with their talents in lieu of a gift is a great way to keep your wedding on a budget

P.S. don’t stress!  You will encounter hiccups, expect them to happen.  By planning ahead and staying on track you can help reduce the risk of a last minute stress.

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